Thank you again for registering for the Deep Learning for Computer Vision with TensorFlow training class! Please take a few moments to review the important information below.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me to Class?

Please bring a copy of your printed ticket for faster registration on site.

You must also bring your own laptop with the following:

  • WiFi, either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band
  • Latest version of either Chrome or Firefox web browser

It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or a Windows laptop. All of the hands-on exercises will be done using QwikLabs, which is a cloud-based software for hosting instructional labs. You will use your laptop to access QwikLabs through a web browser. We will not be running TensorFlow directly on your laptop.

Please Note: Internet Explorer will not work with QwikLabs.

Finally, to confirm that your laptop network configuration is ok and that you don’t have any firewall software that might prevent things from working, please visit WebSocketsTest. If you run into problems with the test link, please consult your IT department.


Where is the Class?

The class will be hosted by Xilinx.

2100 All Programmable Drive
San Jose, CA 95124



    What Do I Need to Know Before I Show Up?

    The class covers deep learning for computer vision applications using TensorFlow. We assume that:

    • You know the basics of deep learning algorithms and concepts for computer vision, including convolutional neural networks
    • You know the basics of the Python programming language
    • You do not know TensorFlow

    To make sure you’re up to speed on Python, please review sections 1-5 of this online Python tutorial before class.

    To make sure you’re up to speed on deep learning algorithms and concepts, please watch these two excellent videos before class:

    Demystifying Deep Neural Networks 

    by Shehrzad Qureshi with BDTI

    We’ll be scheduling additional TensorFlow training classes over the coming months. Sign up to get updates about new dates and locations.